StayLoyal is one of the most popular dog food brands in Australia, providing its avid customer base with a selection of holistic and natural dog foods that their buyers swear by.

The first challenge was to create a simple and easy to use eCommerce website that could also deal with many complex functionalities that the business uses on a daily basis including advanced subscriptions, discounts, multi-warehouse fulfilment, product configurators, referral systems and much more.

StayLoyal offers a subscription based service, so NexusBond built a functionality that allows users to choose their own subscription cycle on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, completely flexibly to their precise needs – For example, users can choose every 2 days, every 3 weeks or every X months!

Since StayLoyal distributes their products across the entire continent of Australia, a complex system of multiple warehouse distribution was integrated, allowing specific warehouses to be sent automatic notifications based on their unique systems depending on the product, location and quantity that the customer orders.

Dog lovers know dog lovers and that’s why StayLoyal wanted to incorporate a refer a friend system with incentives and discounts for getting friends involved too! NexusBond configured an affiliate system into the new website to facilitate this process.

People love to show of their dogs – and that’s why StayLoyal’s fanpage is so important – users of the StayLoyal website can upload photos of their dogs to share with the world – currently the database has hundreds of photos of happy looking dogs!

Upsells after purchasing are a great way to increase shopping cart value, and that’s why StayLoyal were keen to implement upsells after users make a purchase. Items including their famous dog treats can now be added to orders with just one click after purchase!

Wholesale is also a big part of StayLoyal’s operation, and now their wholesale partners can also sign up and use the website with specific pricing and deals only available to them!