Obaby is an award winning furniture company specialising in products for babies and small children. The approach here needed to be a blend of functionality and design excellence to reflect the high quality goods that Obaby provides.

eCommerce functionality was at the forefront of this project, with a large complex catalog of constantly updating products, NexusBond ensured that this website would be bolstered by a set rock hard foundations allowing Obaby’s customers to buy quickly and easily.

NexusBond also incorporated a Store Locator feature, allowing Obaby customers to find stores that sell goods provided by Obaby by providing their postcode. This interactive map then displays all nearby stores to users allowing them to find the most convenient option.

Obaby also required a complex product registration functionality allowing them to track their warranties based on users and the products they had purchased to tie this information to the customer in their database.

NexusBond is always a fan of convenient payment tools, and at Obaby’s request integrated Klarna payments allowing users to pay in easy installments for their new furniture.